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Who We Are

Mission: Use basketball as a tool to promote on and off the court development of youth ages 3-14.

What does it mean?

INTELLIGENCE - The ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

HEART - Giving your all in what it is you like to do.

UNSELFISHNESS - Having or showing more concern for other people than for yourself.

STRENGTH - Being strong physically and mentally on an off the court.  

TEAMWORK - Working well with others to accomplish a goal.

LEADERSHIP - Setting a good example on and off the court.

EXCELLENCE - Strive to be great at everything you do.

Basketball Skill Development

Teach campers the right way to play the game of basketball and promote physical fitness, competition, discipline, and hard work. 


During the school year camp attendees must bring in their progress reports or report cards and they will be rewarded for good grades they receive.

Personal Development

Good Deed of the week:

Apart of being a member of the I.H.U.S.T.L.E. basketball program is to do a good deed of the week.  This means that campers will have to do something non-basketball related to help a friend or family member. They will have to discuss what they did in front of their fellow teammates the next time we meet.  

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